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Painting Techniques

Hi! I'm Judy Filareck

I started painting on a regular basis in 1998, several years before I retired after 40 years as a Physical Therapist... Now I spend my time giving myself therapy by traveling across country, capturing all the beautiful things that catch my eye with my camera or on canvas, and writing article of interest to artists.

Every painting has a story that goes with it. Something catches my eye and it resides patiently in my brain until I finally get the time to sit down and paint it.

Judy Filarecki

Since I don't always get a chance to start a painting right away, I make sure to have my camera with me to capture the moment so it is there when I'm ready.

This is "Peaceful Perch", a water-soluble oil painted on an 11x14 Ampersand textured board.

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Art Prints
Where do the ideas for a painting come from?

They just unexpectedly appear. You just have to keep your eyes open. Be receptive to what you see.

Art Prints

One summer afternoon I looked out my window into the woods, my backyard in Northern New York, and there was this mushroom just glowing in the late afternoon sun saying,

"Paint Me!   Paint Me!

And so, out came my camera and this was the results.

My Paintings Vary from Small Ones made specifically for Cards

Judy Filarecki

such as this Gambel's Quail, native to Southern Arizona...(You can find a lot more at Note Cards)

To Much Larger Ones

Photography Prints

Catalina Sunrise is an acrylic painting on a 24 by 48 inch canvas. It was taken from a panoramic photograph I took in December, 2007. I had to compress the mountains a little. Otherwise, it would have been 10 feet long.

Or this favorite 36 x 40 inch Water-Soluble Oil Painting on Canvas

A Gamble Quail Family:

A Day in the Life

Sell Art Online

This is my most popular painting that is for sale in print, matted, and framed options at FineArtAmerica.

Prints are on canvas, acid-free paper, metal and acrylic, and can also be on two different thicknesses of gallery wrap or on pillows and i-phone covers.

You can also have a print matted and/or framed with choices of color and frame style.
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