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Gambel's Quail

Gambel's Quail Card

The Gambel's Quail is one of my favorite birds in the southern part of Arizona.

They scurry across the yard in a line as if they are late for a meeting. They only fly when something disturbs them, or they need to get out of potential danger in a real hurry.

The quail mate for life and are very devoted to their family of young ones. In the spring you'll see a dozen chicks, but that number quickly reduces mainly because of predators like hawks, road runners, cats and snakes.

  Gambel's Quail Family

This painting was inspired by the fact that the quail are so family oriented.

 I call it: "A Day in the Life". The original is in water-soluble oils on a 22" x 28" canvas.

Typical of the quail family, the male who has the red crown, stands guard while the chicks feed. The parents try to keep them close to protective covering, since they cannot fly skillfully enough yet to get out of danger. They can, however, run very quickly for the shelter of the bushes.

The saddest sound in the desert is the call of the quail when it's mate has been lost to some predator. It was that sound that inspired me to do this next painting, called "Friends Forever."

                   gambel's quail

This is done on an 11" x 14" Ampersand textured board.  This also was a water-soluble oil.

These two quail were sitting on my cinder block fence. I quickly grabbed my camera to catch the pose. It is so representative of their devotion to each other.

Since the fence would not have been very attractive, I created a desert around them. I'm sure they feel much more comfortable, and so do I.

Art Prints

This is a collage I did of several of my paintings and photogrpahs.

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