About Me

Judy has painted intermittently throughout her life mainly for her own enjoyment. It wasn’t until 1998, though, that she actually started doing nature paintings commercially at the request of others who also enjoyed her work.

Generally, Judy is self-taught.  She has taken several mini-courses at varying time in her life to help give her a better understanding of the basics of different techniques.

That, combined with a lot of reading, practice, and experimenting has led to a prosperous and enjoyable second career.

Judy spent her pre-college years on Long Island enjoying the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and water skiing on the inlet bays.
She moved to Buffalo to go to collegel to become a Physical Therapist.

Thirty-four years later she semi-retired with her husband and divided her time between Colton, New York, in the Northern Adirondacks, and the desert of Tucson, Arizona. Both areas are surrounded with beautiful mountains, fantastic sunrises and sunsets, and an abundance of wildlife

Today, Judy has over 200 paintings which include birds, and other wildlife, flowers, landscapes and southwestern missions.

To further enhance her paintings, she utilizes her second hobby, woodworking, to make unique frames for her paintings.

During 2009, there are plans to write and produce a series of  DVD’s demonstrating Painting with Acrylics.

Future plans including additional DVD’s for other mediums